We will be holding a Jubilee Gala on Wyndham Park 

on June 3rd/4th/5th

We look forward to seeing you all at this great event to celibrate 

Th Queen's Platinum Jubilee

If you are interested in having a Retail or Chartity stall at this event please contact the email address below

Or  Call Jeff 07729 512343 Steve 07836 761231 or Mick 07851 774562

Wyndham Park off Hill Avenue and Belton Lane Grantham NG31 7XY (in the Playing Field)

3rd 4th 5th June

 Don't Forget


 Thankfully we are back this year with our usual super event. The main purpose of our event is to provide an organised event with a bonfire and brilliant firework display and everyone attending can be safe, this reduces the risk of fire and injury at home, with this in mind all of you that are thinking of having your own bonfire or fireworks at home be sure to follow the Firework Code, go to www.rospa.com  firework safety, to get the full safety guidance on firework safety.

Go to www.bonfirenight.com to get the story of Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate it every year.

Mick and Steve

Photo's Courtesy of The Grantham Journal